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This website exposes corrupt incongruencies in France's favorite income tax free resort hideaway, following the current complaints and lawsuits against the colonial administration of French Polynesia.

Dialog with "son excellence" 
President Gaston Flosse :
The Winner of the European Elections in Tahiti

Showing his colors, French Polynesia's President Gaston Flosse wears the French tricolor while reviewing troops parading through downtown Papeete
on Bastille Day

Income tax free Tahiti Nui

Privileged Status 
for Marlon Brando's private and income tax exempt
South Sea Paradise

Haut-Commissaire Jean Aribaud

Jean Aribaud: 

Haut-Commissaire of TAHITI 
MONACO's former  Minister of Inner Affairs

France violates GATT Treaty :
(en Français)
"Monaco Style" money laundering  in French Polynesia Paul Gauguin

European Commission subsidises 
Luxury Cruiseships in Tahiti with 291 Million DM

The great, classic South Sea Adventure
Official complaint with the
European Commission in Brussels

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 00:26:52 UTC :
Crewmembers of 25 European
Sailing Yachts sign Petition against
 French Polynesian Authorities

28th of January:
Captain Blight's bitter defeat

Click here to view the NEW French Polynesian immigration
Ordonnace No. 2000-372

Click here to view the outdated French Polynesian immigration
procedure for NON FRENCH citizens of the European Union

Erika und Achim auf Pangaea
The original objective of this website
was to inform Pacific cruisers about the present situation concerning the financial bond for EU citizens entering French Polynesia. The bond ("Caution de Rapatriement," an amount of money equal to the price of a one way ticket to your home country) used to be demanded by the French Polynesian authorities of ALL visiting foreign crew members, including French nationals, arriving in the T.O.M. (Territoire d'Outre Mer). Since its inception, the objective of this website has broadened to inform EU citizens about their legal rights on the French overseas territory.
France has signed several treaties together with 15 European nations to become one community, with equal rights of citizens and free trade of goods across the borders.

Jan van Drunen
Court decisions in Papeete/Tahiti have confirmed the validity of EU law for the Territoire d'Outre Mer since 1993 .We cannot understand that the local authorities continue to refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Our friend Jan van Drunen, a Dutch sculptor who sailed to French Polynesia in 1993 on his sloop Ma'at, is the first european sailor to our knowledge who successfully filed suit before the Tribunal Administratif in Papeete and won against the French authorities. Since the 20th of December 1995, French citizens have gained the exclusive privilege of exemption from the bond once arriving in the Territoire d'Outre Mer. Of course the French gendarmes had no problem enforcing this new laxity for their compatriots.

In April 1999, the EU-Commission in Brussels officially started the Infringement Procedure No. 99/4232, SG(99) A/1883/2, after Article 169 of the EU-Treaty against the French Republic.

Gendarmerie boarding Pangaea On the 25th of May 1999, the Judge M. Alfred Poupet from the Tribunal Administratif de Papeete, decided against our case. This means, the European Treaty of Rome is only valid for FRENCH NATIONALS since December 20, 1995, while a  colonial decret from 1939 still applies for all other european citizens.

On the 14th of July 1999, we appealed before the Cour Administrative d'appel de Paris against this decision. We have been informed by the Cour administrative that it will take approximately 2 Years until a date for the appeal can be determined. So stay tuned for the final until Bastille Day : The 14th of July 2001.


Paul Gauguin's conflict with the French authorities, 1901/1903:

"Dans son île d'Atuona aux Marquises, le peintre [Gauguin] n'a plus de procureur, mail il a le "gendarme", le gendarme colonial, personnage qui relève à la fois de Courteline et de Kipling, Pandore devenu roi chez les Nègres. Le gendarme qui réside à Atuona, comme ses confrères gendarmes qui règnent sur les îles voisines, réunit dans ses mains européennes tous les pouvoirs, toute les autorités, sous un contrôle que la distance rend illusoire."

Gendarme Pierre Cortiche"In Atuona in the Marquesas, the painter [Gauguin] has no more prosecutor, but he has the local "gendarme," a character who reminds one of Courteline and Kipling, Pandora who became King among the Savages. The gendarme who resides in Atuona gathers into his european hands all power and authority, as do his collegues who reign over the neighbouring islands, under a control which distance renders illusory."
Paul Gauguin

Robert Rey, from the biography "Gauguin" (Rieder Editions), extracted from "Exposition Paul Gauguin aux Marquises"

Chef Gendarme Pierre Cotiche

* Our conflict with the French Authorities, 1998/2001

* Lawsuit : Ginsberg-Klemmt c/ Etat Francais

France and Europe?President Jacques Chirac
* Presidence de la République Francaise

European Commission

European Commission

* European Commission in Brussels pursues Infringement Procedure
after Article 169 of the EU Treaty

* International Treaties,
Laws and Court Decisions

Auswärtiges Amt

Minister Fischer

Correspondence with:
* Auswärtiges Amt
* German Consulate and Embassy

Publications, News, Web, Magazines, ect..


"Néo-colonialisme Européen..."

Tahiti-Pacifique, Editorial March 1999

Herr Alex du Prel
Herr Alex du Prel

* A Controversial Dialogue with Herrn Alex du Prel,
Director and Editor of the French Polynesian magazine Tahiti-Pacifique, via E-mail

* Herr Alex du Prel and the pride in his noble German descent

* Herr Alex Du Prel objects to his picture on this website :
"Don't call me Herr!"

* See his uncensored photo, ironically, in a story where he claims to
have been censored himself by President Gaston Flosse!

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