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  • Quotes

    GAMBIT: "a one band Jazz Fest"
    VARIETY: "David & Roselyn report on ghetto sincerely as Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly wrote for their times."
    BILLBOARD: "We started getting our best acts in Octoberwith David & Roselyjn, New Orleans type street singers."
    COLOGNE EXPRESS: "David & Roselyn heated up the audience(who)appreciated the music with lots of applause and piles of money."
    UCLA BRUIN: "Roselyn's original song entitled 'Chicago' is a fine example of the blues' tradition."
    TEMPE DAILY NEWS: "David & of the favorite attractions."
    LOS ANGELES TIMES: "David & Roselyn hum & strum."
    TOPANGA MESSENGER: "There was an electric aura charging the atmosphere and Roselyn radiated and mirrored African Queenher voice expressed the richness of joyous living."
    NEW ORLEANS GAMBIT: "Three Umbrellas ­ Highly Recommended. A charming duetRoselyn accompanied by David can belt a soulful blues."
    DETROIT FREE PRESS: "David & Roselyn are creating blues that are as authentic an expression of their times as Leadbelly'[s were of his."
    EDINBURGH SCOTSMAN: "Jazz musician David Leonard is excellent."
    ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS: A front page color photo of David & Roselyn at the Dener Mall for the Fourth of July performing their magic music.
    HOLLYWOOD DRAMA-LOGUE: "David and Roselyn are a talented duo."
    THE BOISE IDAHO STATESMAN: "Leonard alternates soaring harmonica lines with fine vocals, while providing principal rhythmic punctuation with guitar. Lionhart croons, chantsand whispers her songs, accompanying them on mandolin and several native African instruments."
    WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY SOUTH END: "David and Roselyn are excellent, creative and sensitive musicians who reach the minds and heats and interests of young and old"
    CAL STATE UNIVERSITY DAILY SUNDIAL: "People are drawn to the music and the musicians. David's movements strummiong guitar and sliding harmonica are as liquid as the sounds they producelyrical, flowing."
    WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA REGISTER-PARONIAN: "Roselyn and Davidthe sweet Street Singersa familiar sight(at) the Santa Cruz County Fair."
    DETROIT COUNTRY / CLASSIC SOCIETY BLUESNOTES: "David & Roselyn are bluesy, emotional and strong. Instrumentation is great. Roselyn's smoky voiceaccompanied by some fine slide guitar work by David. Most imaginative and expressive performers.